Auckland Web Design

Do I really need a website?

It’s all so complicated and I don’t understand it.

Can you afford to ignore it? Your competitors won’t. They’re already using it to improve their business, gain customers and reduce costs. I can help you understand the Internet and ecommerce and how it can apply to benefit your business. I’ll take care of the complexities of web design to make it really easy for you to get your affordable website. You need to start somewhere, so get started today.

I have more business now than I can cope with

Has your business always been like this? If you have built up a good business you already know that you can never sit still. Your customers may leave, simply because it is easier to do business with your competition.

You can also use the Internet to reduce your running costs eg: why not send out your customers accounts using email instead of incurring paper and postage costs, not to mention the time spent stuffing envelopes.

It takes a while to fully appreciate the benefits of the Internet. Don’t wait for your competitors to get there first!

My customers like things the way they are. They’re not even using the Internet

Are you sure? Most NZ homes now have a computer and many more people have access to the Internet at work. Statistics show that most New Zealanders can use the Internet. As more and more customers go on-line, they will expect you to have a web site and for it to be mobile friendly.

Also New Zealanders will be able to access the Internet through their televisions. This will mean that even more people will want access to your products and services.

The Internet doesn’t have a lot to offer a business like mine

How do you know? Check out what your competitors are doing with the Internet. Businesses in Auckland and all over New Zealand might be attracting your customers right now. Once you’ve done some thinking and planning about how the Internet could benefit your business, you might be surprised at the payoff.

It seems less personal to do business over the Internet.

Maybe. The Internet is both “high-tech” and “high-touch”. Used to it’s fullest extent, it allows businesses to personalise their dealings with customers and get closer to them by making use of information about previous dealings and things that may interest individual customers. It also enables companies to grow their target market beyond Auckland or wherever they are based.

Technology always costs so much and then it doesn’t work properly.

It’s up to you. You can have an affordable website starting out small or make a big splash. The basics aren’t that expensive and can be built on as you become more familiar. I can show you what to do as I take care of the technicalities of web design. It is my goal for your business to maximize the benefits of the Internet while staying inside your budget.

What happens if I decide I don’t want my website any more?

You can cancel your agreement after 12 month’s billing. Because I charge no upfront fees, I absorb the initial website design costs over this time.

I am already on the Online Yellow Pages, why should I have a site with you?

The On-Line Yellow Pages is a very small part of the Internet. Why would people limit their search to the Yellow Pages when they could search the whole Internet just as easily?

The advantage of having your own web site is that you can market on the Yellow Pages site and then anywhere else you want to by registering with search engines.

What about Overseas Search Engines?

Your company should be listed with the major search engines that are used in New Zealand and Australia as well as the major International search engines.

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